Vehicle Storage

We have multiple options available when it comes to storing your RV, Boat, Trailer, SUV, Car or Motorcycle. All stored vehicles must be in good working condition and must be approved by the manager. For additional rental requirements, please refer to our Storage FAQs

Enclosed storage units are like a personal garage for your vehicle and provide extra protection from the elements.

We also have uncovered parking spaces available for outdoor storage of your vehicle. All parking spaces are located inside our fully-fenced, clean, paved facility and feature video cameras and extra lot lighting.



All unit sizes are approximate and might be larger or smaller than advertised, most units lose about 6-10 inches of usable length due to the roll-in door design. It is highly recommended that you measure your vehicle and view and measure the space you plan to rent before signing your rental agreement to ensure your particular vehicle will fit. This guide and the Self Storage Calculator are for informational purposes only.

5x10/10x5 Enclosed unit


Roughly the size of a large walk-in closet, these units are great for enclosed storage of very small vehicles such as mopeds or motorcycles. We have both 5x10 units with a 3' wide, 6'6" tall door, and 10x5 units with an 8' wide, 6'6" tall door.  

10x10 Enclosed unit


Approximately the size of a standard bedroom, these units are useful for enclosed storage of slightly larger vehicles such as ATVs, jet skis, or small utility trailers. These units have an 8' wide, 6'6" tall door.

10x15 Enclosed unit


Around the size of a master bedroom or small garage, these units are perfect for storing a vehicle that is less than 14 feet in length and less than 6 feet tall. These units have an 8' wide, 6'6" tall door. 

10x25 Enclosed unit


Generally the size of a large one car garage, these units are handy for enclosed storage of a small boat, trailer, or a longer/taller vehicle. These units have an 8' wide, 12' tall door. 

12x25 Enclosed unit


Roughly the size of a two car garage, these units are also ideal for enclosed storage of slightly wider boats, trailers, or vehicles. These units have a 10' wide, 12' tall door. 

8x17 Parking Space


These assigned parking spaces are the size of a regular parking lot style space. They are perfect for regular size vehicles no more than 8' wide.  

10x15 Parking Space


These assigned parking spaces will fit regular to medium sized vehicles, boats or trailers, or small RVs. They also accommodate vehicles wider than 8 feet.

10x25 Parking Space


These assigned parking spaces are large enough to fit a recreational vehicle such as a motorhome, 5th wheel or camper. Vehicles longer than 25' may be accommodated  based on availability.